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Join the elite group of sleepers who surround themselves with the Happiness Foreverbed mattress – an ultimate  sleep experience that can change your life!  Pure luxury for those seeking a soft, cloudlike sleep surface. This unique, hand crafted, TWO-SIDED mattress is heaven on earth. This mattress is for the person who understands just how important sleep is in one’s life and wants to live life to enjoy the fullest. Great nights lead us to great days and the Happiness Foreverbed mattress does not disappoint. The top quilt is filled with Joma Wool from New Zealand. This specific type of wool can only be found in New Zealand. Wool is nature’s answer to both heat and cold.  Temperature is one of the three main sleep disruptors.  The effects of putting Joma Wool inside the quilt create a “microclimate” around the person making sure their body’s temperature remains perfectly neutral for optimal sleep and eliminate the temperature sleep disruptor.  This quilt rests over the top of natural graphite talalay latex and a layer of high density talalay latex. Over 6″ of talalay latex in all of the mattress. Talalay latex is claimed to be the most pressure relieving material on earth. It gives the user the feeling of sleeping on a cloud. This will cut down on the amount of movement during your sleep.  Again, one of the top sleep disruptors is the need to move your body because a pressure point (caused by the sleep surface) needs relief.  The less you toss and turn at the night the better your sleep will be. All of these wonderful top layers rest over the top of the NESTED POCKETED COIL. This type of coil is exclusively used in the most luxurious mattresses in the world. The NESTED POCKETED COIL is unmatched in its support. This coil was tested to last up to 60 years and can support every body type regardless of weight. The Happiness Foreverbed mattress is designed as a two sided reversible design and rests over the top of a TRUFLEX FOUNDATION. The combination of both the NESTED POCKETED COILS and TRUFLEX FOUNDATION are what make this a Foreverbed. #abedforlife This mattress is covered with a LIFETIME WARRANTY, not limited. Don’t waste any more time and money and start sleeping better tonight. Come and find the Happiness your nights have been missing!



button tufted top quilt (2-sided design, the following is on each side):

Joma Wool

HydroPur silver FR barrier

1″ supersoft foam

1.5″ convoluted foam

comfort layers (2-sided design, the following is on each side):

1″ graphite talalay latex foam

1″ talalay latex foam

1″ High Resiliency foam

support system:

7” fabric encased nested innerspring unit

980 coils in a Queen

1260 coils in a King

Foam encased edge support


Hand-crafted TruFlex foundation


Lifetime warranty


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