About Joplimo Mattress

The Dragonfly Story

Joplimo Mattress was founded on the principle of helping people.  We aren’t just talking about helping people sleep better, but rather helping people that might be struggling with every day life in our local communities.

Brian Croft, the founder of Joplimo Mattress, lost his brother who fell victim of such challenges and ended up taking his own life back in 2001.  At that time, his family noticed an abundance of dragonflies that seemed to keep them company in days and months that followed.  Croft’s mother accepted the thought that they were his brother in spirit and since then the dragonfly has become a major part of their life, found in every corner of their homes and workplaces in the form of art or jewelry, serving as a constant reminder to live their lives fully.

There are many people who are passionate about making a positive impact on the lives of others in our local communities, therefore a percentage of all sales from Joplimo Mattress are invested to help them with their efforts.


Our Name – Joplimo

Joplimo is a reference to Joplin, Missouri – where we opened our first store.  In the 1930’s and 1940’s Joplin was often referred to as Joplimo by the locals.  The Joplin High School used the name for their yearbook for decades, even crowning a Joplimo Queen every year.  Joplimo is pronounced the way you would pronounce JoplinMO if you dropped the “n”.  A unique name for a mattress retailer that does things differently is fitting, but we are also extremely proud to have our roots in Joplin.  It is a community of amazing people and good old fashioned Midwestern values.


Built to a Better Standard – A More Thoughtful Approach to Design

There is a new trend in the mattress industry – shrinking warranty lengths.  The industry is pushing the idea that a mattress should only last 5-7 years so that people buy mattresses more often than every 10-20 years.

It may be a poor business decision on our end to be mavericks on this one, but we would rather you have the best night’s sleep possible and a quality product that lasts than to sell “throw away” mattresses.  When customers are happy with their mattress, they come back to us to buy their children’s mattresses and to buy guest beds, and often times refer their family and friends.  This eliminates the need to advertise – which keeps our prices low.

Only the highest quality materials are used in building our mattresses.  For starters, our basic coils and traditional foams are higher quality than the kinds used by any national brand.  But, that’s not what our focus is.  We like to use materials that others neglect because of cost.  Without an advertising budget, we can afford to put the more sophisticated materials in our mattresses without our customers paying any extra for them.

A great example of the Joplimo difference in design is the use of Omalon foam as the support core in our memory foam and gel memory foam mattresses. The industry uses furniture grade polyurethane foam.  If anyone has ever bought a new couch and experienced the cushions most frequently used softening over time, they understand that a mattress with the same type of foam as the support under the layers of memory foam will also soften over time.  This softening typically causes a lack of support and a body impression you can feel but not see.  Since the industry only permits warranty claims on visual body impressions, a customer who experiences this softening of foam mattress usually is left unsettled and uncomfortable.  Omalon foam has a different cell structure than furniture grade polyurethane foam.  The cells in Omalon are horizontally structured in a way you would see bricks positioned, which allow for a greater surface area to handle wear and tear of nightly use.  Furniture grade polyurethane foam have cells that would be the equivalent of laying bricks opposite than you would ever see them positioned, which greatly reduces surface area and therefore breaks down faster over time.

You aren’t Cookie Cutter, Your Mattress Shouldn’t Be Either

Everybody is different.  Every body is also different.  Therefore, we do not feel you should settle for an off the rack solution.  At Joplimo Mattress, you can customize any aspect of a mattress; from the foundation, innerspring, foams, fibers, and fabrics – everything down to the color if you wanted.  Sleep is too important to not have the exact mattress for your body and specific needs.

We Give Back

At Joplimo Mattress, we want to play a role for positive change and hope for people in need. And because our mission is to be a medium of help for others, a percentage of all purchases go to a wide variety of nonprofit organizations that give the support needed to people struggling with the often-overwhelming challenges of life. Our logo includes a dragonfly, a creature of the wind and an agent of change. With humble business practices and the help of our customers, we too hope to be agents of change.


Lifetime Comfort Guarantee

The Lifetime Comfort Guarantee provides a service at Joplimo Mattress that is truly unique in the industry.  You don’t ever have to be stuck with a mattress you find uncomfortable.  Your mattress can be sent back to the factory and reworked to be firmer or softer – as many times you would like and completely free of charge during the life of your mattress.


Guaranteed Lowest Prices

Buy with confidence!  If a mattress goes on sale anytime within 90 days of your original purchase, Joplimo Mattress will gladly credit you back 120% of the difference.

Also, if you love a product at a different mattress store, but would rather purchase from Joplimo Mattress, let us know and and we will build it for you.  That’s right, you can have exactly what you want with all of the additional benefits Joplimo Mattress offers – for the same price of just the mattress set alone elsewhere.


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