Joplimo Mattress Lifetime Comfort Guarantee

The Lifetime Comfort Guarantee is a service at Joplimo Mattress that is truly unique.  We tailor fit your handcrafted mattress to YOU!  After owning your mattress several months, several years or even a lifetime,  you don’t ever have to be stuck with a mattress you find uncomfortable.  Your mattress can be renewed at our local factory where we handcrafted it and can be reworked to be firmer or softer – as many times you would like and completely free of charge during the life of your mattress.


The Details:

Joplimo Mattress offers a comfort guarantee on all new Joplimo branded and FOREVERBED branded mattresses or mattress sets.

At any time within the warranty period of your new mattress or mattress set you are not completely satisfied with the comfort level, we will gladly make the necessary modifications needed to make you more comfortable. Minor modifications are free of charge which include exchanging the density of polyurethane layers of your mattress or changing the arrangement of the existing components to make your mattress firmer or softer, while major modifications such as changing/adding innerspring systems and/or specialty foams are chargeable services.

A 30-day window is required before or between any modification to exclude the possibility of dissatisfaction being temporary while adjusting to the new mattress.  All modifications are made at the Joplimo Mattress factory in Springfield, MO and require an appointment which can be made with the store you purchased from.

Foam mattresses are excluded from this policy, but can be exchanged up to one time between 30-100 days for mattresses of equal or greater value. The customer is responsible for paying the difference between the regular every day prices of the new mattress or mattress set and the original. Transportation and any applicable taxes of any comfort modifications or exchanges is the sole responsibility of the customer.

Note: Law tags must be attached and merchandise must be clean, free of tears, burns and stains of any kind or we will be unable to honor a request for an exchange.  The Comfort Guarantee policy applies to mattresses only and excludes motorized beds, pillows, mattress protectors, metal bed frames, headboards, special orders and clearance merchandise.

No refunds on open merchandise.  Orders are eligible for Joplimo Mattress store credit in the event a mattress on order is no longer needed subject to a 20% restocking fee.