Guaranteed Lowest Prices

Buy with confidence!  If a model goes on sale anytime within 90 days of your original purchase, Joplimo Mattress will gladly credit you back 120% of the difference.

Also, if you love a product at a different mattress store, but would rather purchase from Joplimo Mattress, let us know and and we will build it for you.  That’s right, you can have exactly what you want with all of the additional benefits Joplimo Mattress offers – for the same price of just the mattress set alone elsewhere.

Refunds/Exchanges at Joplimo Mattress

There isn’t a decent way to store mattress inventory without damaging the product.  Mattresses can be stacked on top of each other – and at 50-120 lbs each, one would hope they aren’t the unlucky customer getting one that was on the bottom of the pile!  Alternatively, mattresses can be stored on their sides, but that runs the risk of any of the layers shifting and causing damage or uncomfortable lumps in the mattress.  At Joplimo Mattress, any premium mattress is built to order to ensure the highest level of satisfaction possible.  Therefore, in the unlikely even a mattress on order is no longer needed, it may be canceled and the customer issued store credit for the amount of their original purchase less a 20% restocking .

Joplimo Mattress offers a Lifetime Comfort Guarantee on any Joplimo or Foreverbed branded innerspring mattresses.  Foam mattresses are not able to be modified in the same manner innerspring mattress can be, so they are instead eligible for a one-time exchange anytime between the 30th – 100th day of use for mattresses of equal or greater value.  The customer is responsible for paying the difference between the regular everyday prices of the new mattress or mattress set and the original.  Transportation and any applicable taxes of any comfort modifications or exchanges is the sole responsibility of the customer.